Lemongrass to Maple Leaves!

Chapter 1
Joyeeta RayDisclaimer: This story is strictly based on facts, and nothing but facts. Any resemblance to the family referred to, is totally intentional and not co-incidental. It is a personal account of our journey to  Canada as new immigrants. If anyone we bump into along the way, finds himself or herself mentioned in the pages below, please know that your name will be changed to respect your privacy so kindly do not cancel your dinner invitations.

In a world littered with blogs, I have often refrained from writing one myself. Who has the time to read? Why should they? What if they dislike my writing and call me names? What if they disagree and I get death threats? Will I lose my job (if I get one)?

To make matters more difficult, there are plenty of blogs on the subject that I have chosen to write on – settling down in Canada. Why should someone drop their newspaper and browse through my blog instead?

After several cups of coffee, sleepless nights, rounds of meditation and levitations later (okay, I haven’t levitated yet, but at this rate, I promise you I will one day), I arrived at a verdict.

My story is different so there is a reason to pen it down. While others immigrate to this great land in search of a better life, we have dared to leave behind a fairly affluent life to settle in to washing dishes till death do us part.

Why? Are we weird? Yes, without doubt. But in our own defense, so are most path breakers.

Einstein had a weird hairdo. Christopher Columbus gave up his Royal Paela before he set out with tinned foods to see the world. Newton spent his whole life preoccupied with an apple. After, he left the world, he was reborn as Steve Jobs (my theory), and continued where he left off, redesigning the ‘Apple’.

Moral of the story: to discover something life changing, you have to ‘think different’.

In our case, it was goodbye to a good life to say hello to something better.

We said goodbye to the beautiful plastic roses in our Bangkok living room to say hello to live grass here. We bid goodbye to the concrete jungles, smoke, dust and pollution to breathe clean, fresh air here. We said farewell to the fragrant spices and curries that we loved so much to say hello to butter drenched muffins and maple syrup.

Most of all, we said goodbye to a fantastic International School education for my daughters to have them power their CVs with a brilliant university life here.

So what if we didn’t have a stable, expat job at the top of the corporate ladder in Canada? We were educated, qualified and experienced.

That would be easy, right? Right?

11 thoughts on “Lemongrass to Maple Leaves!

  1. Love it. Straight from the heart. New Beginnings are key for our renewed commitment and enduring for NEW. Good luck for your journey to another bright innings of life.

    Keep going girl as u inspire us.


  2. Well written! This is the reason why we had moved . Every immigrant has a story to tell and each one of them is unique.
    Ultimately, our journey is in the same direction but we have different experiences along the way. Wishing you good luck on your voyage.


  3. Well must say you embrace change for the right reasons n that cannot be wrong…can it ? Yes there would be challenges galore but thats pretty much part of the reason you embraced change. Enjoy the journey !


  4. Very well written Piu!
    I am sure its a momentary tough phase that you guys are going through. Our best wishes are with you, Bapida, Tia and Moyna.

    In years to come, I am sure you will look back to these days with fondness. Take care.


  5. Hey Joey,
    WOW!!enjoyed every bit of ur blog…..I always tell u how well u can express….I can completely relate to the move as im going thru the same teething troubles……keep writing ur blogs n inspiring us luv n hugs


  6. Dearest Joyeeta… Proud of u….U know I have always been a big fan of your writing style, story telling, wry humor, …go for it…keep them coming.. !!! I especially liked the desi tadka to your blog title…Oh!!

    Change is required…always…what if it is “O” to “Oh”….lemon grass to maple syrup…All good and way to go….otherwise we will always remain the frog in the well !!

    My best wishes are always with u.


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