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Hello folks! Welcome to my world.

I started this blog a few years back for friends. But blogs have a life of their own and I found readers from all over the world increasingly stepping in to take a peek at mine.

Some of you leave without a word. Others follow or leave a ‘like.’ Yet others leave their footprints as bar graph statistics.

Now, four years later since I started out, those I don’t know far outnumber those I do. Some of you come from countries that I can’t immediately spot on the map. Others are from as far as Kenya, Finland, Greece, Germany and United Arab Emirates.

I have found up to 5000 views on some of my posts, leaving me humbled and overwhelmed. Heartfelt thank you to all of you. 

To those who are interested, I feel the need to introduce myself to help you connect better. 

I have my roots in India, branched out to several countries in South East Asia and am now planted in Canada with my life partner, strength and professional guide, Abhijeet Dutta Ray and our two daughters.

At heart I’m an observer with a creative spirit and little spatial skills.

I love to dance, with music and without.

I dare to sing…when there’s no one to hear.

I love colour – both on paper and in people.

I enjoy reading…books and the world around me.

I love cooking up… feasts and little stories.

I believe in healing…through reiki, astrology, yoga, music and words.

Professionally, my diverse interests have found expression as a writer. I’m always hungry to learn more and grow…and help other hungry people grow.

My Advertising and Editorial career spanning the last 20 years across 5 countries have helped in that direction. As my world changed, I changed with it…merging into the waters of Journalism, Editorial and Digital Media.

In between, I became a published author of children’s books to help them look at life the way I do – with a smile.

My diverse interests and skills have come together as a consultancy christened Creative Joy – that I partner with my husband in Mississauga. The idea behind the company is to creatively ‘Connect to Grow‘.

For any help in that direction, be it advertising creatives, editorial, digital content or social media marketing, feel free to reach me on my Linkedin profile

With Oh Canada!  I expanded my wings into the big, bold world of blogs. Follow my journey as we struggle to find a footing in this fascinating country.

I also write professional blogs for independent clients and bigger conglomerates.  Email me on for any help, any time.

Feel free to  share your Canadian new immigrant stories as I share mine. Would love to hear your views and comments on each of my blogs. Thank you.  Happy reading!  🙂 

Joyeeta Dutta Ray

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